Aquaponic Build and Multiuse Facility in North Tulsa

Growing Green Farms is AquaEco’s main campus for the company to not only display our aquaponic systems, but also for teaching and research. This multi million development includes top of the line engineering to house our raceways to provide vegetables, fish, herbs, sprouts, and other ornamental species to sell to businesses and stores. All remaining produce will be given to the community of North Tulsa where the population needs it most. The facility will be outfitted with all the vegetable and fish processing machinery as well as our offices. It will also house a classroom to teach others who are interested in alternative farming techniques. There will also be a laboratory to continue research and development into new ways of using aquaponics. This will be our central campus for potential clients and investors to see what the future of farming can be when they partner with AquaEco.