Aquaponic Development in Hyderabad India with El-Ganit Aquaponics

AquaEco is partnering with Joshua Voola of El-Ganit Aquaponics to bring aquaponics to India, a nation where there are very few systems already in place. In India, traditional farming methods produce the majority of the crops for the 1.2 billion population and to export. But with pesticides use continuing to rise and the health of the environment and people in the surrounding areas becoming a larger concern, we want to offer an alternative. Farmers also have an alarmingly high suicide rate comprising of 11% of all suicides recorded. We also want to help kids in orphanages who do not have access to a fresh supply of produce. While they do have plenty of food, it is often processed and contains little nutritional value for these growing kids. AquaEco is building an aquaponic system that not only will give the orphans jobs and a steady source of food, but also income for extra produce they can sell to the community. We hope this is just the beginning in Hyderabad and to later revolutionize how farming is done in India that is both safe for the environment and the farmers.